Please Sir, may I have some more?

There are days I still feel like this!

During my tenure as a disabled person I have met many wonderful people.  There are so many out there who are patient, respectful, and kind.  From opening doors, to giving up their seats,  I have had such kindness shown to me on many occasions, and for this I am very thankful. 

There however have been a few times when I have come across people that are hateful, to say the least.  When I encounter a person like that I think of the phrase from Oliver, " Please Sir, may I have some more?"  That phrase fits perfectly because , "WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME?"   If you feel like acting like a total jerk just give me all you've got! 

!. To the man who watched me going  to my parking spot and became very exasperated at my slow pace, your impatience only makes me go slower.  I get nervous when I rush!  I hope the fit you were throwing made your day brighter.  So to you I want to say;

2. To the man who was on the bus with me and my husband,  your behavior towards my slowness was totally inappropriate.  I can only go so fast!  My husband and I were having a wonderful date night.  You were lucky by the way, my husband nearly decked you!  Do you honestly think by  talking out loud about the slow woman would make me move faster?  It actually made me much slower.  Well sir, to you I have to say:

 I hope they someday realize that being disabled was not my choice.  I would love to be able to move quickly, but that is not in the cards for me.  

Wow!  I have only two experiences that stand out in my mind.  That's not too bad! 

Have you had experiences like these? 

Dreams: My Private Oasis!

Sometimes, sleep brings with it a wonderful gift. The gift of remembering the way we used to be and feel before our disease became part of our lives. That gift is our dreams.

I have always had a very active dream life; I've once heard that even when we think we haven’t dreamed it’s just that we don't remember them.  My dreams are almost always big, bold, and colorful. Usually funny and almost always entertaining.

My Private Oasis

But now my dreams have become much more to me, They’re a portal into my former life, when my legs worked as they were intended, and balance meant nothing more than a checkbook term.  In my dreams I run through all kinds of interesting terrain: quiet tree lined streets, bustling city sidewalks, and sandy, white beaches that frame a turquoise blue ocean.  Not only do I run, I climb stairs with such grace, and conquer mountains without breaking a sweat. I dance with reckless abandon, like not a soul is watching.

But then I open my eyes, not realizing that my reality is waiting for me . No longer will I be able to abandon my body, but I will move forward, and wait for my next lovely dream.

Do you dream of your former life?

Till we meet again,