Our Friends, Ingress and Egress

You’ve got to admit that my title sounds like twins, from Sweden. Well, they just happen to be very important words to us disabled souls.  They really can determine whether our day is good or bad. In much simpler words they control whether we can get in or out.

In my house, my world is very mapped out. I have clear walkways, easy to navigate exits, and a clutter free environment. But when I go out into the world, navigating is not always as easy as it is in my home.  I can be reasonably sure that stores are going to have easy ingress and egress, since they don’t want customers to trip and sue, but friends and family homes can be much different. Most of the time our friends and family will be sensitive to this, but sometimes they just don’t think about us falling on our faces when we trip on a Lego. Well, there are a few things we can do to preplan our excursions, and that will make our time out more enjoyable.

Always know where the bathrooms are located! Let’s face it; some disabilities make bathroom issues more frequent and difficult.  And having a disability can make us very slow, at a time where time is of the essence.  So stake out that potty!

If you’re going to a family function or a friend's house that tends to be cluttered, be honest, and just tell them about your fears. They love you, and they will understand.

And most important, know where the emergency exits are located. We never know when an emergency will arise. That is something we disabled need to pay extra attention to.

So there you go.There are some of the tips I follow as I navigate my way through this world.

Do you have some great tips for ingress and egress?

closing till next time