Three Simple Things: Summer Must Haves!

Whooo Hoooo!  That time of year is here.  You know, the time of endless days, barbecues, tan lines, fresh tomatoes and corn, impromptu gatherings with neighbors, sandy, hot toes, and so much more.  When it comes to summer everyone has opinions on their summer must haves.  Well, I am right there with ya!  Here three simple things that make my summers..........extraordinary!



What can I say about watermelon?  Let's face it, when you think of summer your mind roams to that delightful, juicy fruit.  Well, at least mine does!  On a really hot, summer day a cold slice of watermelon makes your heart smile.   When I taste watermelon, I taste my childhood!  

Ice Pops

Bring on the Ice Pops!  These really bring back so many memories and feelings of summer.  Even to this day they are super cheap but super good!  My mom would by a box and it seemed like there were a gazillion in there.   I can remember running outside with an ice pop in my hand and no shoes on my feet.  The sticky, melting juice ran down my arms, but that was no problem, because I would get clean with the backyard hose.............and then get another ice pop!    Brain freezes never felt so good!

Road Trips

Summer is just not summer without a "road trip."   My husband and I love to travel, and our preferred method of transportation is the car.  I know that sounds strange, but airplane travel is so hard these days.  We love to plan our road trip with every single detail thoughtfully and precisely considered.   Our plans don't always work out the way we want, but we do have fun plotting the journey.  We have made a pilgrimidge  to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon National Patk, Panama City Beach and many more unbelievable destinations.  Some might say we are gluttons for punishment, but we love it.   It's how we roll!


What are your summer must haves?