Let's face it, we all have to adapt...Sometime!

“There can be no life without change, and to be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar is to be afraid of life.” Theodore Roosevelt

W0W! President Roosevelt said it so well, like he was speaking specifically to us, the people whose disease was thrust upon them., without warning. To be fair, everyone has challenges . Our challenges evolve with the progression of our disease. Eventually, there comes a time we have to think about two little words: Adaptive Equipment.

Time To Adapt

In the beginning of my disabled journey, I would use just my legs to keep me firmly planted on the ground., although,  not always firmly. Then following a few physical therapy sessions, and a few knee surgeries, I began to need a cane for stability. Next, for walking for any great distance I started using a mobility scooter.  I learned through my journey that mobility is everything.! We have to let go of what was, and embrace what is.

I remember the first time I used a mobility scooter. Let’s just say, for the record, I was less than thrilled. The adjectives that adequately describe my feelings were: embarrassed, ashamed, horrified, and  terrified.  I developed a much different view when I began to see how great it was to be able to go places with my family. I was finally able to go just about anywhere and not have to worry about walking for a long distance.

I share my story to help my readers see any type of adaptive equipment as improvement in the quality of their lives. Remember, whatever we do, we can do it with style.

Dawn - Rock the Cane